Dear colleagues, cadets and graduates of our university! On behalf of all university’s administration, we congratulate you on the birthday of National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”! On this beautiful day, many years ago, it was founded to become an alma mater for many gifted people, real professionals in their field. 77 years ago, back in 1944, on March 5, the decree of the State Defense Committee was signed, and on June 7, the order on the basis of which our educational institution was established.

National University «Odessa Maritime Academy», a leading higher maritime educational establishment, is well-known for a long time in the world of maritime community. The glorious history of National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» dated back to 1944 when Odessa Higher Marine School was formed. During the process of its development it was reorganized into Odessa Higher Engineering Marine School, Odessa Higher Marine Engineering School named after V.I. Lenin Komsomol, Odessa State Maritime Academy, Odessa National Maritime Academy and National University «Odessa Maritime Academy». Throughout the course of history, the Academy has provided high professionalism of scientific-pedagogical personnel, compliance with all international and national standards of education and cadets’ training.

During the years of Independence of Ukraine, National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» has branched out new specialities and created the following subdivisions: Azov Maritime Institute (the city of Mariupol), Danube Institute (the city of Izmail), Naval Institute (the city of Odessa), Odessa Maritime College of Technical Fleet (until 2020 – Seafaring College of the Technical Fleet of NU “OMA”), Maritime College named after O.I. Marinesko and Military Training Department of Odessa Maritime College of Technical Fleet. The university’s contingent of cadets and students including its subdivisions is about 10,000 people and more than 160 foreigners from 22 countries. In addition, thousands of seafarers undergo refresher training courses at the university every year.

A diploma obtained at NU «OMA» provides the graduates with broad prospects for career growth both on board and on shore, in enterprises and companies of maritime industry. Ukraine is among five leaders regarding the number of officers in the world merchant fleet owing to its graduates, who work at hundreds of shipping companies all over the world.

Congratulations to all graduates, cadets, colleagues and friends of the University! We wish you health, success, well-being and prosperity! Fair seas and a following wind!

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