On the 8th June Mr. Mykhaylo Miyusov, rector of National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” took part in the Webinar “Ukraine – the crew source of the future” as one of the speakers. The webinar was hosted by Mr. Sean Moloney, Managing Director, Elaborate Communications Ltd and among other speakers there were Mr. Henrik Jensen, Managing Director, Danica Crewing Services, Mr. Luca Poddine, Head of Crewing Department of Sea World Management S.A.M. and Ms. Tamara Ivanova, Managing Director, Danica Crewing Services in Ukraine.

The webinar covered such important issues as countries demographics, maritime education and certification systems.

Ms. Tamara Ivanova in her presentation gave some key information about Ukraine as a country in general, detailed demographical information, industry and current problems connected to the process of hiring marine specialists.

Mr. Luca Poddine, in return, dwelled on issues related to sponsoring cadets` programmes and experience of working with Ukrainian seafarers.

Mr. Mykhaylo Miyusov gave a brief presentation on the number of marine institutions based in Ukraine, number of cadets and specializations available today and MET in Ukraine in general. The report was supported by detailed explanation of Ukrainian educational structure as well as the process of cadet’s evaluation.

Henrik Jensen in his speech focused on Danica’s HR Marine Approach – Screening. According to him, the company’s screening process consists of 12 steps of an interview in order to employ best candidates.

After the speakers’ presentations there were fruitful discussions around various topics related to cadet’s education, training programs, crew source, environmental sustainability and global modernization.