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We offer a unique combination of a fundamental academic approach to the educational process, which guarantees our cadets a successful career. Cadets have every opportunity to receive the very latest information, as well as to develop the qualities, abilities and approaches necessary for today’s top marine managers.

The educational and professional training programs of Bachelor and Master in “Navigation and Management of Sea Vessels” give students of higher education a unique opportunity under the guidance of specialists to acquire and apply academic skills in practice, working in national and international organizations of sea and river transport, shipping companies, and maritime institutions of higher education.

It is always such a pleasure for our Institute to see purposeful and ambitious young people who aim to receive brilliant and comprehensive maritime education, and who are eager to get acquainted with the beautiful traditions of this interesting and rigorous profession, to further improve their skills and craftsmanship in order to be worthy of occupying high management positions in the field of sea and river transport and the position of a captain of a long-distance sailing on sea vessels!

<strong>Igor Vorohobin</strong>
Igor VorohobinDirector of the Institute of Navigation, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Master

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