The experts of NATO’s Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) arrived to visit Naval Institute of NU «OMA». The foreign delegation included: Mariusz Solis, Director of Defence Education Enhancement Programme in Ukraine; Alan Stolberg, Coordinator of the programme; Boyan Mednikarov, Rear Admiral, the Rector of Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy of Bulgaria and other officials. The meeting’s participants analyzed progress on the implementation of the above NATO’s programme in higher educational military establishments during the current year as well as discussed the prospects for activities’ implementation in 2017.

The following Ukrainian representatives in the name of M.V. Miyusov, the Rector of National University «Odessa Maritime Academy», the representatives of Command of the Ukrainian Naval Forces as also the representatives of higher educational military establishments participated in the briefing. The discussions emphasized the importance of further cooperation, in particular, the educational disciplines development in accordance with the principles of setting up the educational process and teaching existing in the universities of the Alliance countries. Besides, the participants of the meeting discussed the issues of conducting courses to optimize the learning process with limited resources, organizations’ prospects, issues of conducting the international command post exercise involving military personnel of higher educational establishments as well as the improvement of language training.

The excursion around the university was held for the experts as well.