Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty of NU «ОМА» held the sixth annual Scientific-theoretical conference”Actual problems of the 15192666_1350279681657983_6239805514856587896_nelectrical engineering and radio engineering” from 29 to 30 November, 2016.

The conference was opened at the plenary meeting, where V.S. Lukovtsev, Dean of Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty delivered a welcoming speech. In his speech, he spoke about the results of entrance examination campaign 2016 to Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty. Besides, he stated that only improving the cadets’ training will make it possible to produce competitive and highly sought professionals.

The theme “Project network of Training Programme of the Doctor of Philosophy” was covered in the presentation speech of S.A. Mikhailov, Head of Marine Electronics Department, Professor. He noted that recent legislative changes in modern Ukraine, in particular the Law on Higher Education had completely and radically changed the organization of graduate students’ training, that is, candidates for a degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). These changes had to bring the form of postgraduate studies to the European form as well as to streamline the organization of educational process. V.M. Koshevoy, Head of Marine Radiocommunication Department, made a statement on the outcome of the Ukrainian delegation at the 97th session of the Maritime Safety Committee. His presentation focused on the modernization of the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) for USB-communication.

An important goal of ECDIS modernization is to provide ship optimization control in order to avoid possible mistakes and wrong decisions of navigator, within the framework of a ship’s equipment that is currently in use, through the integration of ECDIS-AIS. After the plenary session, the conference continued its work according to the main thematic areas such as: ship electrical equipment, electronic equipment and control systems as well as radio engineering, radioelectronic devices and communication.

More than 20 reports on topical issues of the modern ship electrical and radio engineering were presented in panel discussions thanks to the active involvement of cadets, specialists, masters, graduate students and professors of Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty.

The event resulted in the selection of the best works of Master’s degree cadets to participate in the second stage of the All-Ukrainian contest of scientific works. Moreover, the collection of scientific confernce papers was prepared for publication.