7n-mbqhoanyThematic lectures on human and civil rights protection in Ukraine were held within the framework of the Ukrainian Law Week for tutors of Maritime Law and Management Faculty on December 5, 2016.
A.S. Savich, PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Head of Maritime Law Department held the public lecture “The system of alternative forms of social protection of human rights” dedicated to the alternative forms’ review of social protection of a person as an integral component of the social protection system in Ukraine for 6501 group of cadets. The lecture states that non-state pension and medical schemes are the most important institutional systems of an alternative social protection, that should be developed in the first instance. Therefore, there is a need to analyse the current state of legal regulation.
                      L.L.Sotnichenko, Doctor of Economics, Professor of Management and Economics of Maritime Transport Department read a lecture on “Legal bases of pricing in the ports of Ukraine” for 7201 group of cadets, where the following debating issues were discussed: legal basis of port pricing; world practice of port pricing; price liberalization in the Ukrainian ports as an important factor for increasing the ports’ efficiency, promoting the development of the surrounding areas and the country as a whole; existence or absence of the appropriate legal basis for the public tariffs prices regulation for port services; the main directions of government regulation for port pricing; tariff prospects of Ukraine.
                        L.Y. Bello, senior lecturer of Civil and Labor Law Department, gave a lecture on “Natural human rights, its implementation and protection”, considering the debating issues of natural human rights for 1101-1103 groups of cadets. The natural and inalienable human and civil rights exist objectively, regardless of whether they are enshrined in legislation or not, but its implementation and protection are entirely provided if they are enshrined in the international law acts (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and the State’s Constitution. However, currently, in connection with the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, human rights are violated, thus we can not assert with confidence, that the rights are fully respected in this territory of our state. The main tasks for lawyers, scholars and officials are the creation and introduction of such measures, which would implement the natural human rights. Thus, the natural human rights are the means to achieve benefits, which are essential for all social relations without exception. Without providing the natural human rights, all other subjective rights (including basic constitutional rights) lose the meaning, or its implementation becomes impossible.