On March 4, 2020 a working meeting with the participation of leadership of National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”, the Kherson State Maritime Academy and the State University of Infrastructure and Technology took place at the premises of NU “OMA”. During the meeting, the leaders of maritime higher education institutions discussed topical issues on maritime higher education in Ukraine, the requirements of the International Convention on  Standards of TrainingCertification and Watchkeeping  in 1978, with the Amendments in educational institutions and proposals for improving the training and certification system of officers of naval vessels in Ukraine.

The working meeting was attended by:

– M.V. Miyusov, the Rector of NU “OMA”, O.M. Shemyakin, First Vice-Rector and V.M. Zakharchenko, Deputy Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical Work;

– V.V. Chernyavsky, the Rector of Kherson State Maritime Academy, O.I Shumey, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Educational Work;

V.V. Panin, the Rector of the State University of Infrastructure and Technology, P.O. Skok, Deputy Rector for Research Work.