On April 28, 2020 a virtual conference “Student International Scientific Conference” was held at Batumi Navigation Teaching University (Georgia). Shcherbanov V.V. and Medyanik B.V, the fourth-year cadets of Navigation Faculty represented NU “OMA” at the conference. The conference addressed interesting and relevant issues of the maritime industry.

On May 23, 2020 the first virtual International Student Conference “The future of MET in the digital era” was held at Constanta Maritime University (Romania). Svinarchuk V.S. and Perepechaev N.S., the second year cadets of specialization “Navigation and Control of Marine Vessels” represented Azov Maritime Institute of NU “OMA”.  Dyatlov O.O., (Faculty of Navigation), Shchurduk S.O. (Faculty of Marine Engineering), as well as Stetsenko T.V. – (Faculty of Management) the fourth year cadets took part from Danube Institute of NU “OMA”. NU “OMA” was represented by the following cadets: Ostapenko Ya., Frantseva A. – (Faculty of Automation), Koritnyanskiy D., Kosyan Yu., Golovatsky V., Sorokin G. – (Faculty of Marine Engineering). As a result of the conference, the speakers were given a Certificate of attendance for excellent results in protecting the work.