pwflaufpopuThematic lecture on “Problems of formation of the Institute of Human Rights” was held within the framework of the Ukrainian Law Week by S.V. Stepanov, PhD in Law, Associate Professor of Civil and Labor Law Department of Maritime Law and Management Faculty at Navigation Faculty of NU «ОМА» on December 6, 2016. The lecture is focused on the root of the matters related to the evolution of human rights in contemporary conditions as well as legislative support of human and civil rights in Ukraine. Proclaiming the priority of human rights and freedoms, a number of States recognizes the importance and the need for functioning the democratic and law-enforcement institutions such as ombudsman. It is an independent public body, which exists in more than one hundred countries around the world, who could be called upon by any person in case of rights’ violation. The international conventions and covenants are analyzed, that ensure the functioning of the Institute of Human Rights, the provisions of which are implemented into domestic legislation just as in legislation of the world’s countries.
The cadets of Maritime Law and Management Faculty held the round table on “Protecting the rights of stowaways in contemporary international and maritime law” (G.F. Poltorak, senior lecturer and moderator of Maritime Law Department).
The following problematic issues were considered during the round table:
– prospects and possibilities for the ratification of the 1957 Brussels Stowaway Convention;
– the possibility of making regional agreements between the States, owing to the lack of the single ratified act;
– analysis of the incident in 1992 on the motor ship “Mac Ruby” under the Bahamian flag with a Ukrainian crew, resulting in the initiation of criminal proceedings of eight passengers illegally entered the vessel’s board.