Img 9758On August 18, 2021 the training course which was organized at the Institute of the Naval Forces came to an end and a solemn ceremony of oath of allegiance to Ukraine by the graduates of Military Department of National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” took place.

125 cadets of the university of which 124 are students of educational institutions and 1 is a military man completed the curriculum of the military training program for reserve officers, successfully passed the final exam and took the Military oath of allegiance to the Ukraine. The graduates were awarded the ranks of junior reserve lieutenants. The leadership and representatives of the university addressed the graduates with a welcoming speech and wished them success in their future activities.

The Department undertakes training of Reserve Officers of Defence for the Naval Forces of Ukraine. Training is conducted voluntary on a contract basis beyond the time allotted for mastering the curriculum of the main speciality (specialisation). There is also training for other citizens of Ukraine who are not the University’s cadets.

Training is carried out by highly qualified academic staff with an extensive seagoing experience in the Navy. Students undergo training on appropriate simulators and real equipment used onboard military vessels.

Upon successful completion of the training programme, persons are awarded the title of Junior Lieutenant of the Reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.