From 21st of June till 23rd of June 2023, the 15th International Scientific Conference “Maritime Navigation and Safety of Maritime Transportation” (TransNav) was held at the Gdynia Maritime University (GMU), Republic of Poland

The Conference is organized by the Faculty of Navigation of the Gdynia Maritime University and The Nautical Institute.

The Conference is addressed to scientists and professionals in order to share their expert knowledge, experience and research results concerning all aspects of navigation, safety of navigation and sea transportation.

The Fifteen Edition of the most innovative World conference on maritime transport research designed to find solutions to challenges in waterborne transport, navigation and shipping, mobility of people and goods with respect to energy, infrastructure, environment, safety and security as well as to the economic issues.

The National University “Odesa Maritime Academy” (NUOMA) was represented at the conference by Professor of the Department of Marine Technologies, Honorary Secretary of the Maritime Institute of Ukraine, Volodymyr Torskyi, and Senior Lecturer of the Department of Shiphandling, Captain Dmytro Zhukov. During the conference Volodymyr Torskyi gave a speech devoted to the problems of gender equality using the example of sailors, he also headed the scientific section “Maritime Education and Training”, Dmytro Zhukov headed the scientific section “Marine Environment”.

Articles of the following scientific and pedagogical staff of  NUOMA were included in the materials of the conference with subsequent publication in the scientific journal TransNav, which is indexed in SCOPUS: Andriy Bondarenko, Leonid Vaghushchenko, Oleksandr Vaghushchenko, Leonid Vishnevskyi, Dmytro Vishnevskyi, Alla Drankova, Viktor Konovets, Vitaly Koshevoy, Oleksandr Kryvy, Mark Kryvy, Kostyantyn Lykhoglyad, Oleksiy Malakhov, Mykhailo Miyusov, Mykola Mukha, Andrii Naidyonov, Oleksandr Palagin, Oleksandr Shemyakin, Oleksandr Shishkin.

During the conference, a new version of the agreement on cooperation between GMU and NUOMA was signed. A separate article of the contract provides for the possibility of NUOMA cadets undergoing practice on GMU training vessels.

The TransNav Council awarded the title of Honorary Member (Honorary Fellowship) of TransNav to the rector of NUOM, Professor Mykhailo Miyusov.

Photo by Cezary Spigarski,