International projects


NeliSEE/A/223/3.2/X – NELI – Cooperation-Network for logistics and nautical education focusing on Inland Waterway Transport in the Danube corridor supported by innovative solutions

Dates: April 2009 – March 2012


NEWADA – Network of Danube Waterway Administrations

Dates: April 2009 – March 2012





Project title: MOWE-IT – Management of weather events in transport system

Dates: October 2012 – September 2014


HintSEE/D/0080/3.2/X – HINT – Harmonized Inland Navigation Transport through education and information technology

Dates: December 2012 – December 2014


MarineMIS ETC 1463- MARINE – Maritime network of education for the development of the maritime culture in the Black Sea Basin

Dates: March 2013 – September 2015


“Introducing course “Democracy: From theory to practice” by International Foundation for Electoral systems

Dates: January 2019 – March 2020



USAID New Justice Program. Introducing on-line course “United Nations Convention against Corruption: Global Corruption, Good Governance, Ukraine and the United States”

Dates: September 2020 – November 2020



TEMPUS IB JEP-26080-2005 VETLOG – Network development of management training courses for transport and logistics sector

Dates: September 2006 – August 2009


158739-TEMPUS-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES-WeNeT – E-Learning Network for further Education and Training in the Field of Tourism (Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine)

Dates:  January 2010 – January 2013


543681-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES – CruiseT – Creation of the network of competence centers for development and support of cruise tourism in the Black Sea region

Dates: December 2013 – November 2016


544010-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES – TATU – Trainings in Automation Technologies for Ukraine

Dates: December 2013 – November 2016


544524-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-PL-TEMPUS-SMHES – QANTUS – Qualifications Framework for Environmental Science at Ukrainian Universities

Dates: December 2013 – November 2017