On September 4, 2018 the delegation of the Navy of the Turkish Republic (Admiral Adnan Ozbal, the Commander of the Naval Forces of the Turkish Republic, Captain of the 1st Rank Hakan Janjah – Defense Attaché at the Embassy of the Turkish Republic in Ukraine, Captain of the 1st Rank Yusuf Ugur Bozkurt, Senior Assistant to the Commander of the Naval Forces of the Republic of Turkey, Captain 1st Rank Imran Demirbilek – Head of the Strategy Department of the Turkish Navy Commander, Captain 2nd Rank Ozkan Gulomur – Adyu Ant Commander of the Turkish Republic Navy, Mr. Dmitry Bieber – translator of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ukraine) visited National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” to get acquainted with the educational process and training of military experts at Naval Institute of NU “OMA” and identify the promising areas of cooperation. Guests were given an excursion around the university’s academic buildings and the facilities.