On July 13, representatives of NATO DEEP Coordination Group, led by Mariusz Solis, Director of NATO DEEP Program, arrived at the Institute of the Naval Forces of NU “OMA” . The reason for the meeting was the determination of the cooperation of the Navy Institute with DEEP for the second half of 2021.
NATO DEEP-Ukraine Military Education Improvement Program has been successfully implemented in Ukraine since 2013 and it is the largest educational program currently implemented by the Alliance among member and partner countries. DEEP program has been specifically developed by Alliance scientists to modernize and professionalize military educational institutions in partner countries. DEEP provides an opportunity for Ukrainian military universities to improve the professional skills of the scientific and pedagogical staff, to receive expert advice in the development and improvement of educational programs in accordance with NATO principles and standards.
The dialogue took place between the management, teaching staff of the Navy Institute and a foreign delegation and aimed to further improve military education at the Navy Institute, namely – training English language teachers, improving the practical training (internship) of military university cadets on ships of NATO member states etc.
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