From April 29 till October 11, 2019, the employees of National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» underwent an internship at Higher Naval School named after Nikola Vaptsarov (the city of Varna, Republic of Bulgaria).

The main purpose of the internship was to develop the competencies of academic, research and management personnel in the field of maritime education and educational innovations, international projects and research, as well as to strengthen cooperation between European and Ukrainian maritime educational institutions and their staff.

The program consisted of two modules. The volume of the first module involved 120 academic hours, the second – 60 academic hours. In total, the program had 180 academic hours. The duration of the first module was 2 months, of the second – 1 month.

A meeting was held with the leadership of the institution. The following issues such as higher education systems in Bulgaria and Ukraine, new and innovative teaching; higher education systems in Europe and certification systems for qualifications of naval personnel in Bulgaria and Ukraine were discussed during the internship.

The following participants underwent an internship:

Vorokhobin I.I. – Dean of Maritime Transportation and Technologies Faculty, Ph.D., Associate Professor;

Burmaka І.O. – Head of Ships’ Handling Department , Ph.D., Associate Professor;

Astaykyn D.V. – Deputy Dean of Navigation Faculty, Ph.D.;

Gaychenya O.V. – Deputy Dean of Navigation Faculty, Ph.D., Associate Professor;

Danilenko D.V. – Deputy Dean of Marine Engineering Faculty;

Bondarenko A.V. – Deputy Dean of Automation Faculty, Ph.D.;

Chimshir V.I. – Director of Danube Institute of NU «ОМА», D.Eng.Sc., Associate Professor;

Danilenko O.B. – Head of Ship’s Navigation and Management Department of NU «ОМА», PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor;

Zhelyaskov V.Y. – Head of Humanitarian Disciplines of NU «ОМА», Ph.D., Associate Professor.