Image0033333The 14th Annual Conference-Workshop on Hydrography HYPACK5 2018 took place in National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» on November 14-15, 2018. The conference was held with the support of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine and NU «ОМА».

The conference aimed at supporting users of the HYPACK software in Ukraine as well as conducting master classes to solve the main tasks of hydrographic surveying.

The following issues were discussed during the conference: geodetic data of projects and planning of surveying works; the basis of the hardware interface in HYPACK; single-beam survey using HYPACK; configuration of multipath echolocation complex and survey; multi-beam data processing; TIN-model side-marker sonar, export to CAD, calculation of bottom-depth volumes; use of unmanned aerial vehicles for shooting.

3Pat Sanders, the president of HYPACK Inc., founded the company to create a software product for providing hydrographic surveys carried out by the US government agencies. The HYPACK® software package debuted at the IEEE / OES Oceanographic Conference in Halifax in 1987. Today, there are over 10,000 users of this program, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA, France, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, India and other countries as well as various research organizations 6from many countries around the world.

The conference was held by Boris Schulze, HYPACK Coordinator in Europe, Africa and the Middle East as well as Ivan Izaak, HYPACK Technical Support Officer.

Generally, all those who perform hydrographic studies are interested in taking active part in the conference, in particular, the employees of State Hydrographic Service of Ukrain, NU «ОМА», SE «Delta Lotsman», Sea Port Authority, Marine Register, Antares Scientific and Production Center, NIBULON, etc.