On May 15, 2019 the opening of “Maritime Affairs-2019” competition of the charitable foundation of Borys Kolesnikov was held at National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”. The event was attended by the representatives of the fund and industry specialists. Cadets of NU “OMA” were invited to participate in the project. It is neccessary to register on the President’s website on the facebook, go through the qualifying stages, and 30 winners will take part in the International profile exhibition.

Boris Kolesnikov Foundation within its statutory activities, has been implementing charitable projects aimed at developing and supporting students for eight years. The aim of the project “Maritime Affairs-2019” is to support students who study in the specialties related to water transportation and infrastructure as well as motivate and encourage them for further learning and developing the industry.

Follow the link: http://kolesnikovfund.org/ru/news/1802