Cadets of Naval Institute and the military training department of Seafaring College of Technical Fleet of National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” took the Military oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people on September 1, 2018. A ceremonial ritual was coducted with the participation of representatives of the Command of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, public authorities, the leadership of the university, parents, veterans, volunteers and clergy.

The event began with the solemn passage of the banner group – the introduction of the “Battle-banner” and the performance of the State Anthem of Ukraine. Admiral Igor Voronchenko, Commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine congratulated the personnel and relatives of cadets on that event. Voronchenko. He noted that the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Institute was constantly improving the training and material base to receive the highest possible level of education for service on ships and military units of the Ukrainian Navy. In addition, Head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine added that a new leadership course was introduced and cadets were trained in European educational institutions and undertook an internship abroad, including on ships.

 Those present paid a tribute with one minute’s silence in remembrance of defenders of the Motherland, who gave their lives for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The ritual ended with the passage of a solemn march and collective photography. Relatives had an opportunity to congratulate military seafarers on an important day in their life.