National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» gathered the participants of the International Project on Innovation Management from 28 February till 1 March, 2019. That was the third meeting in the framework of the project, the previous ones had been held in the city of Gdynia (Poland) and Estonian Maritime Academy in the city of Tallinn (Estonia).

The following participants representing four maritime universities and academies took part in the work: Johan Bolmsten, World Maritime University (Sweden); Marina Chesnokova, National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» (Ukraine); Monika Ziemska, Adam Kaiser, Slawomir Skiba, Gdynia Maritime University (Poland); Anatoli Alop, Dan Hering, Kadi Casepold, Estonian Maritime Academy (Estonia); Daniel Sköld, the representative of Eurosolutions AB.

Generally, the project focuses on innovations development in the maritime industry, innovative management approaches relevant both for marine specialities and for coastal areas of the maritime business. Any successful business is a combination of two components such as: innovation and marketing. Marine business is no exception to that rule. The combination of competent management and innovation enables rapid development and sustainable competitiveness of the company in any segment of the global freight market. Therefore, innovations are important as well.

      Another important direction of the project is the measures development to maintain a high level of professionalism of personnel training, not only during the training period, but throughout the subsequent work in the maritime industry.

In addition, an excursion around the educational buildings and simulation training facilities of NU«ОМА» was held for the quest.