On February 10, 2021, an online conference of the Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions (BSAMI) was held. National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” was presented by Prof. M.V. Miyusov, the Rector of NU “OMA” and Dr. M.V. Chesnokova, Head of the International Relations Department.

Within the framework of the BSAMI meeting the following issues were considered: Progress in fight against COVID-19 and exchange of best practices; the way forward: presentation of short-term targets (educational, research projects, scientific studies); financial report; progress of working groups and reorganization; proposals for future BSAMI activities including new project proposals, plan of work for next year: BSAMI Road map, new members proposals.

During sessions special emphasis was given to the importance of cooperation in the Black Sea region for a sustainable blue growth, emerging trends, threats and opportunities in the Black Sea region: Stakeholders expectations of the project participants from maritime education and training institutions as also innovative MET solutions and cooperation on research.

The panel speakers made the following reports on specific topics: Professional Training for Involvement in maritime education; Challenges caused by COVID19, solution found, current situation and future plans; Paradigm shifts and emerging technologies in MET; Using an engine room simulator in augmented reality environment in connection with training and researching during the COVID-19 pandemic; Measures against marime pollution and environment protection in the Black Sea – Project BLUE4SEAS; Development of maritime management joint master program for regional cooperation – Project MINE-EMI; Development of soft skills in Maritime – project iSOL-MET.