In the framework of cooperation and exchange of experience between National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” and the University of Piri Reis, Krasikov Vladislav, the 3rd year cadet of Navigation Faculty of NU “OMA” completed the 2-month training course at Piri Reis University (Istanbul). Cadets of NU “OMA” receive practical and theoretical knowledge jointly with students from other states. Teachers who are qualified and certified as coaches (in accordance with IMO standards – International Maritime Organization) trained and accompanied cadets during open marine training.

Upon completion of shipboard training, Krasikov Vladislav told the details of his stay at Piri Reis University, noting that the adaptation was calm and friendly. He acquired new friends, everyday life began with educational anxieties, watches, training on lifeboats. The practice was very useful and successful as NU «OMA» had already provided a high level of theoretical knowledge. Besides, there was a lot of theory and practice, events in 20 ports. Regarding the organization of recreation, the cadets had the opportunity to pass Black, Marmara and Agay Seas. There were several excursions in the ports of Chanakkale and Trabzon as well.

Cadet Krasikov expresses gratitude for practical knowledge and skills, as well as the welcome reception of the captain of the ship, Erhan Takskiny and the chief officer A.Efa Toskozu. He hopes that Piri Reis University will continue to assist our cadets in undergoing shipboard training. Special thanks to the native Academy for providing the opportunity for self-improvement and professional growth.